PRETEEN GALLERY (México City) / SPANKING PROJECTS (Sydney, Australia)

Abdul Vas Tokio Love

Abdul Vas “She’s A Rainbow” 2014
mixed media, 24 x 30.5 cm / 9.4 x 12 inches (collage)

Abdul Vas’ work recurrently addresses desire, but less often of sex and postsexuality per se, in large part because postsexuality in Vas’ view is largely tantamount with a craving-assembly that leads unswervingly to the concept of  ‘no sexes’ and polysexuality. Abdul Vas opposes a psychoanalytic thesis regarding postsexuality. Postsexuality floods the social-artistic field, and the sexuality of the distinctive psyche and its libidinal speculations epitomize an ordinary impasse, concentrating and sequestration of collective desire.

When Abdul Vas speaks of the libido of craving-contraptions, the spatial dislocation of the body, and the postsex-will of the itinerant individual, he talks about libido to designate the unlocalized energy of craving contraptions, but the mutations of this energy are never desexualizations or sublimations. All stages of craving-assembly – invention per se, recording, and consumption/ consummation – happen within a single territory of postsexual discourse. The pertinent opposition within this domain is not between the individual and the social, but between the molar and the molecular, the molar being the territorializing permutations of control that constrain craving- assembly, the molecular the deterritorializing assemblages of craving – assembly’s proliferating, disrupting networks and contours of rapture.

Text by Gerardo Contreras

PROJECT ROOMS Curated By Octavio Zaya:
Jota Castro (Perú) de Galería Umberto Di Marino (Nápoles, Italia); Nicole Franchy (Perú) de Jacobo Karpio Galería (San José, Costa Rica); Andrés Marroquín (Perú) de Revolver Galería (Lima, Perú); Cecilia Paredes (Perú) de Galería Isabel Aninat (Santiago, Chile); Santiago Roose (Perú) de 80m2 / Livia Benavides (Lima, Perú); Abdul Vas (Belgium) de Preteen+Spanking (México DF, México / Sydney, Australia)…


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