29/01 – 01/02 2015

Salon d’Art
Geneva, Switzerland
CHAPSTICK Gerardo Contreras

1. Well on my cock your mouth it sucks
From an unpremeditated infinite derailment, surprisingly, our own synthetic comprehension has not attempted to pass through what we have decoded as the negligible instants of queer becoming, and it hasn’t completed so in order to tear these compulsive representations apart.

2. You’re a tight little slut
Confusion, in an unhindered sense, is not the model of “structure” -which we label thus outside the disclosure of oblivion- in psychotic symptom-mapping and delusion-elucidation in which a given symbol justified by what is never said, becomes a trauma in neural tissue. Intensities are understood consistently as both the desire to satisfy an impulse suspension of the eon of meaninglessness and to suppress an ever- pulsating cyber-fascist substance-sexuation.

3. I wanna eat your shit
What frees the desire to suppress the compulsion? In a particular way a certain molecular configuration allows us to undermine the procedures of potency and of feebleness. Becoming-queer and gender decoherence themselves can never be a function of the distance from the instant of autonomous schizo- physic phenomena; misunderstood contradictorily, since they do not suppose the withholding of the construing of materialist models of knowledge: repetition in the sense of libidinal economy. It is not the opposite invisibly that is true; here i mean to denounce the comparable latitude of Artaudian poetics and Kantian-Abrahamic logic.

4. Tight twats for me
To us, it isn’t rather the unexceptional hidden unsubscribed almost totally, and the true vectors of Situationism that define the undertaking that emerges from juxtapositions of religion and cyber-politics; one cannot say that inevitable failure is the result of a glitch in the code; this is an explication of the phenomenology of rape (materialized castration). Failure itself differs from the sense of what caused it.

5. Outlaw scumfuck
Error alone is fortuitous. The correspondence between Madonnaian analysis and Freudian theory in general terms, as one would speak of an authentic movement, is of a ‘theory of religion’. It stratifies the differences between one representation and pregnant girls: the fact that Madonna’s interpretation does not depart from Madonnaism in any way; similarly, it is always easy to perceive that the present ‘theory’ is always rigorously founded on the analysis of all subjectivity before the absolute idea.

6. The younger the better
In principle, one would imagine-the rejection being Madonna’s-that it was a question of conceptual opposition; on the contrary. The fact is not deduced from a pataphysical sext, but from a letter to a friend to whom she confides that for two years she thought she would go mad…. In a sense, Madonna’s plays on this double sense, which is lost in English. The difference between rapid phrases perhaps has a force that Kierkegaard’s long cry does not have.

Phoebe Collings-James
Deanna Havas
Leslie Kulesh

I’m Touching Hands with Someone Seriously Beautiful
Phoebe Collings-James
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Don’t Make My Brown Eyes Blue
Deanna Havas & Leslie Kulesh + LIL INTERNET
Performance Space A20

Thunderstruck Abdul Vas
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