On Painting opens on March 1, 2013 at the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (CAAM) in Spain. It is an international group show showcasing the works of 66 artists from 15 countries working in a Latin American context, from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Venezuela , Portugal and Spain, as well as invited guests from the Philippines and the United States.

Curated by artistic director of CAAM , Omar-Pascual Castillo, the exhibition will bring together more than one hundred paintings, some on loan from museums, galleries, collectors and artists themselves, and includes a total of 10 interventions expressly created in areas of the arts center, on facade, walls and courtyards.

On Painting raises four general assertions from those addressed in the programmatic changes in pictorial practices of the late nineteenth century and today:

  • COLOR SPLASH AND MATERIALS: New abstract experiences
  • BITTER TASTE, THE NAUSEA: The Return of acid painting
  • POST-HISPANIC Narratives: New narrativity in the Age of the image
  • TUTTO Neobarroco revolute … From the Age of Promiscuity

The exhibition will be accompanied by a theoretical essay gestated from Atlantic. Journal of Art and Thought , directed by Octavio Zaya, culminating in a monographic publication of high theoretical and critical rigor. The exhibition catalog will feature essays from Barry Schwabsky, Kevin Power, Octavio Zaya and Omar-Pascual Castillo.

Participating artists include:

‘COLOR SPLASH AND MATERIALS: New abstract experiences’

  • Artime Joaquin (Spain)
  • Marlon de Azambuja * (Brazil-Spain)
  • Angela de la Cruz (Spain, Great Britain)
  • Flavio Garciandía (Cuba-Mexico)
  • Thomas Glassford (USA / Mexico)
  • Laura Gonzalez * (Spain)
  • Juan Gopar * (Spain)
  • Ron Gorchov (USA)
  • Arturo Herrera (Venezuela)
  • Federico Herrero (Costa Rica)
  • Carlos Macia * (Spain)
  • Guillermo Mora (Spain)
  • Angel Otero (EAU-Puerto Rico)
  • Luis Palmero (Spain)
  • Valeska Soares (Brazil-USA)
  • Luisa Urréjola * (Spain)
  • Juan Uslé (Spain)
  • Vargas-Suarez Universal * (Mexico-NYC)
  • Daniel Verbis (Spain)

‘BITTER TASTE, THE NAUSEA: The Return of acid painting’

  • Fernando Alamo (Spain)
  • Hernan Bas (USA)
  • Jose Bedia (Cuba-US)
  • Alexis Esquivel (Cuba-Spain)
  • Jorge Galindo (Spain)
  • Julio Galán (Mexico)
  • José Lerma (Spain-USA)
  • Enrique Martinez Celaya (Cuba-US)
  • Enrique Marty (Spain)
  • Manuel Ocampo (Philippines-US)
  • Palenzuela Santiago (Spain)
  • Michel Perez (Cuba)
  • Carlos Rivero (Spain)
  • Matías Sánchez (Spain)
  • Abdul Vas * (Surinam-Spain)
  • Ydáñez Santiago (Spain)

‘POST-HISPANIC Narratives: New narrativity in the Age of the Image’

  • Pablo Alonso (Spain)
  • Francis Alÿs (Belgium, Mexico)
  • José Manuel Ballester (Spain)
  • Idaira del Castillo (Spain)
  • Romulo Celdran (Spain)
  • Raul Cordero (Cuba)
  • Sandra Gamarra (Peru)
  • Pipo Hernández Rivero (Spain)
  • Chema Lopez (Spain)
  • Martin & Sicilia (Spain)
  • Victor Rodriguez (Mexico)
  • Carlos Salazar (Colombia)
  • Simon Zabell (Spain)

‘TUTTO revolute … From the Age of Neo-Baroque promiscuity’

  • Pedro Barbeito (Spain-USA)
  • Fernanda Brunet (Mexico)
  • CNFSN + * (Spain)
  • Dzine (U.S.)
  • Arturo Elizondo (Mexico)
  • Garcera Javier (Spain)
  • Luis Gordillo (Spain)
  • Guillermo Kuitca (Argentina)
  • Clemencia Labin (Venezuela-Germany)
  • * Sofia Maldonado (Puerto Rico-US.)
  • Melvin Martinez (Puerto Rico)
  • Mondongo Group (Argentina)
  • Ray Smith (Mexico-US)
  • Adriana Varejao (Brazil)
  • Kehinde Wiley (USA)
  • Jesus Zurita * (Spain)
    Abdul Vas CAAM On Painting
    Exhibition: On Painting
    [Practices current pictorial … beyond painting or closer] Dates: March 1 to July 7, 2013
    Venue: CAAM – Balconies 11
    Curated by Omar-Pascual Castillo http://www.caam.net/es/expos/1303_OnPainting.htm

    Abdul Vas On Painting Mural
  • Abdul Vas On Painting Mural
  • Abdul Vas On Painting Mural
  • Abdul Vas On Painting Mural
  • Abdul Vas On Painting Mural
  • Abdul Vas On Painting Mural